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Smart Solar water features are a leading specialist in solar powered garden water features and lighting. They provide high quality, innovative solar powered fountains for the garden. Smart Solar are passionate about the environmental benefits of solar power, whereby all their solar products use renewable energy from the sun to generate power, so once purchased the solar fountains require no operating costs and minimal maintenance. They are quick, easy to install and portable so they can be moved around the garden to suit your individual requirements.

Harnessing the owner of the sun, Smart Solar’s solar powered garden features do not diminish the worlds energy resources and so meet the requirements for a greener, more eco friendly solution to practical and decorative products for the garden. With no mains wiring, solar products are therefore simply to install.

Founded in 2003, Smart Solar designs, manufactures and delivers an innovative solar products range, with intellectual property in both design and product technology. They pride themselves on the design, quality and reliability of their products and on the outstanding service they provide to their trade customers. They also have a dedicated customer service team for consumers to contact directly with any questions regarding their Smart Solar products.

Smart Solar Water Features

Their water features include cascading water features, pouring features, birdbaths and multi-tiered fountains, either using integrated or remote solar panels. Smart Solars latest generation of products also include battery support so the products can be used day or night. Smart Solar’s product development is at the very forefront of solar technology innovation and they design products using a wide range of materials including ceramic, terracotta, slate, stone-cast resin, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and glass. Smart Solar remains committed to developing new solar powered products year on year that are high quality, have reliable performance and great customer appeal. Water features 2 go are pleased to offer the complete solar water feature and aquatic range from Smart Solar at our usual value for money prices.

From bird baths to fountains, Smart Solar’s water features create a soothing atmosphere with the gentle sound of running water, attracting birds and wildlife. Each feature incorporates a solar panel either within the product itself or on a stake with a 3m cable so that you can position it awy from the feature in the optimum place for sunlight exposure. The solar on demand products incorporate a battery station that is charged by the sunlight by day and allows the product to be used at night, ideal for enjoying on balmy evenings. With little or no installation required and without the need for mains electricity, the solar water feature from Smart Solar are ideal for any garden, patio, balcony, deck or conservatory.

Smart Solar Lighting

Smart Solar’ solar lighting is quick and easy to install without the complexities of mains power, allowing you to illuminate outdoor areas of your home for decoration, safety and even security. Look out for the Smart Solar Colour-changing logos showing our multicolour LED range.

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