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The history of water features

Where do water features originate?

The word 'Fountain' derives from the Latin 'Fons' which means source or spring and is and architectural piece which ejects water into a pool or into the air for decoration.

The first fountains in existence were designed solely for the use of providing drinking water or water for baths and washing for members of a community. Up until the late 1800's these used gravity and needed water to be stored above the exit point. Fountains were used in Romans times as a tribute to architects and builders and decorated with figurines made from both cast stone and bronze.

By the end of the 18th century fountains which had served the people were replaced by water which was plumbed into houses making the fountain for more practical use redundant and the main use for decoration.

Water Feature uses in the modern day

Today fountains are used in parks and other public spaces, quite often as a memorials or to honour individuals and provide a spectacular decoration to any open space. Since the development of inexpensive solar and mains powered fountain pump technology, fountains and water features have become more common in all sizes of gardens as decoration. These provide homeowners with the therapeutic sound of running water and are often illuminate at night by lighting.

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