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What do I need to consider when purchasing a water feature for a small space?

Not everyone has the benefit of a huge stately home garden; with formal gardens, a topiary garden and fishing lake. Most of us are in the real world and have a much more modest sized garden or even back yard. Does this mean that you are not able to enjoy a water feature in your outside space? Certainly not, you just may have to be a little bit more creative and pick a style that will suite your space. The first consideration when it comes to small spaces is obviously size.

You do not necessarily have to pick a small water feature, but you would certainly be better off choosing a water feature which utilises height rather than width and depth. A tall thin fountain may be the answer to your problems. If height is also a problem then unfortunately you may well have to settle for a small fountain or one that hangs on the wall so that you can keep any limited floor space clutter free.

As with all water features, budget obviously plays a part. Price wise we offer fountains to suite all budgets in these dimensions so you shouldn't have a problem finding one to your taste. The materials available are also near limitless so you will have the choice between contemporary stainless steel, resin, ceramic, wood or natural stone.

Our top three picks are:

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