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Henri Water Features

Henri Water Features Cast stone fountains and garden decor are acclaimed worldwide for their extreme quality and extraordinary beauty. Whether inspired originals or skilled interpretations of classic themes, Henri Water Features designs are renowned for their elegance and excellence. Each Henri Water Feature is poured and finished by hand, in the respected tradition of genuine artisans. The completed water feature creation is a visual symphony in genuine cast stone, with a sense of permanence and value that enhances the garden, home, and lifestyle.

Henri Studio Water Features

are renowned in both the USA and Europe for their original, internationally copyrighted designs. Each piece is sculptured, moulded, poured and finished by hand, drawing on years’ of experience and their artisan’ craftsmanship. This artistry is combined with innovative technology and modern manufacturing processes to create the premium quality water feature which will grace your garden, home, patio or deck for many years to come. Henri Fountains

Henri Fountains

are a comprehensive array of only the most popular fountain styles, selected in the most popular colour finishes. No plumbing lines or pipes are needed since Henri Water Features are equipped with integral, re-circulating pumps which re-cycle their own water. You should simply site your fountain within range of your garden hose for topping up and for cleaning. Please also note that some Henri Fountains (those in which water falls from a considerable height or those equipped with statues bearing umbrellas, for example) are suitable only for outdoor, exterior use.

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